Top Benefits of Oil Tank Monitoring on the South Shore

Bridgewater Fuel is proud to deliver commercial and residential heating oil fuel to customers throughout the South Shore area. Every month, we deliver thousands of gallons of heating oil to homes and businesses in our community. To make ordering your deliveries even easier, we are offering residential oil tank monitors to help our customers keep track of their fuel usage and stay warm throughout the seasons. Wi-Fi-based oil tank monitors are a convenient way to monitor your tank level right from your phone—or let Bridgewater Fuel take care of it for you!

How the Tank Monitors Work on South Shore, MA

  1. Rent the oil tank monitoring device. We will install this on your tank.
  2. Download and connect to our company app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. The app will alert you (and Bridgewater) when your tank level is getting low.
  4. We will automatically deliver your fuel based on data from the rental device.

Oil Tank Monitoring Benefits

  • Reduce the risk of an oil runout in your MA home
  • Monitor your tank easily with the touch of a button
  • Enjoy premium, uninterrupted home comfort all year
  • Be notified of drastic heating oil fuel usage changes
  • Enjoy reliable, durable tank monitoring equipment
  • Get online access to tank fill history and information

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Tank Monitoring Helps Our Customers

At Bridgewater Fuel, we have always strived to provide excellent customer service to our residential South Shore customers in Massachusetts. By allowing you to easily keep track of your usage through our smartphone application, you can worry less about making trips to your tank or letting your fuel levels get too low. With our automatic heating oil delivery, you’ll never have to stress about your oil tank level: you can check it anytime if you want to. This all contributes to the honest, transparent approach we take with all our customers.

To learn more about our Wi-Fi oil tank monitoring, ask questions, or learn more details, simply give us a call. Our highly knowledgeable customer service representatives will be more than pleased to assist you.