Air Conditioning Installations and Service in Massachusetts

Many Massachusetts residents on the South Shore love spending time at the ocean—that’s why they live right on the Atlantic Coast! Heading to the beach is one way to cool down, but how do you keep your home cool and comfortable over the summer? The answer, of course, is with a high-efficiency air conditioning system from Bridgewater Fuel. We provide both central A/C systems and ductless A/C units to provide the perfect, customizable balance of cool home comfort for our South Shore customers.


Central Air Conditioning Installations in MA

High-Efficiency Central and Ductless Air Conditioning Installations

Our high-efficiency air conditioner installations are the perfect solution to a hot home in Massachusetts. Significantly increase the comfort and safety of your home with a central or ductless A/C unit. Here are the benefits of each type of cooling equipment.

Central Air Conditioning

  • Perfect for homes with existing ductwork
  • Zoned or whole-home cooling
  • Thorough, even cold air distribution
  • Invisible, silent cooling in your home

Ductless Mini-Split A/C

  • Perfect for homes without ductwork
  • Zoned or whole-home cooling
  • Preferred in additions, garages, and other areas ductwork does not reach
  • Sleek design, remote control, and whisper-quiet operation


Ductless Air Conditioning Service Work from Bridgewater Fuel Oil in Southeastern Massachusetts

Air Conditioning Service, Tune-Ups & Repairs

If your air conditioner is broken, costs you too much in electricity, or has weakened in cooling power over the years, Bridgewater Fuel can help. Our qualified air conditioning repair and maintenance technicians are experts at troubleshooting. They can also boost your air conditioning equipment’s efficiency, helping to reduce your electricity bills and save more money over time.

Whether you need a repair or preventative maintenance, contact Bridgewater Fuel at (508) 588-5255 to schedule service with one of our air conditioning specialists. They’ll be more than happy to give you an estimate and help you schedule an appointment at your convenience.