How to Customize and Reduce Heating Fuel Bills

If you’re an oil delivery customer in the Greater Abington, Massachusetts area, chances are you need a reliable source of home heating fuel at an affordable price. Bridgewater Fuel is here to deliver exactly that!

Our oil heating budget plan is simple and convenient; we will estimate your annual heating oil usage and divide our low price into 10 low, monthly installments. This allows you to have a low, predictable heating bill to work into your monthly budget. After all, you pay for your electricity, your internet, and your housing on a monthly basis—why not your fuel delivery?

Here’s Exactly How Our Budget Plan Works

We’ll estimate your home heating fuel delivery bills for the entire year by looking at your heating history and multiplying your estimated number of gallons by the daily market price for heating oil. This number is divided by 10, and one small invoice is sent to you each month throughout the year.

If you need more gallons than anticipated, they’ll be delivered to you at the prevailing market rate. If you don’t use all of the gallons we reserved for you, a credit will be applied to your Bridgewater account for future deliveries. It’s a win-win situation! Simply download and fill out our budget plan application to get started.

Other Ways to Save

Now that you have a predictable monthly fuel delivery bill, you may as well take advantage of other oil delivery savings and discounts from your Massachusetts energy experts!

Online Oil Ordering Discount

Earn 4₵ off per gallon of oil when you place your fuel oil delivery request online through your Bridgewater account. This ordering option is available 24/7 and will be ready for you whenever you have a spare moment to place your delivery request.

Volume Discounts

When you order 400 gallons of oil or more in a single transaction, we’ll say “thanks!” with 2₵ off per gallon! This can be earned on top of your 4₵ online ordering discount, so be sure to plan accordingly for the maximum saving opportunity.

Refer-a-Friend Rewards

We’ll credit your customer account with $10 when a new customer places their first order and informs us that you referred them. The best part? There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer! Let your neighbors know about Bridgewater Fuel to start earning credits today.

Ready to Take Advantage of Savings from Bridgewater Fuel?

If you’d like to become a budget plan customer, fill out this form and send it to our office—we’ll be happy to get you signed up! Want to take advantage of our other savings opportunities? Discounts are only a few clicks away.