Sign Up for the Cap Budget Pricing Program from Bridgewater Fuel

The cost of living has skyrocketed for all our necessities here in the Massachusetts South Shore. However, at Bridgewater Fuel, we believe in making heating oil affordable for everyone. That’s why we created the Cap Budget Pricing Program. Combat unpredictable prices with a 12-month fuel budget plan that estimates your annual fuel costs, divides them into small monthly increments, and bills you a low, predictable cost each month of the year.



Why Everyone Should Enroll in the Cap Budget Pricing Program

Enrolling in the heating oil budget plan from Bridgewater Fuel’s Cap Budget Pricing Program is an exciting opportunity for you to save money. It’s a smart choice to help keep your home comfortable, especially in the colder months of the year. Here are just some of the other benefits of signing up:

  • Make your heating bills more predictable
  • Avoid price volatility by locking in your rate
  • Work your heating bill into your monthly budget with other fixed expenses
  • Reduce your bills during the holiday season
  • Know that your oil price won’t go above your price cap

The Cap Budget Pricing Program starts on July 1st and runs through June 30th.



Contract is for price protection only. No other guarantees apply.

A minimum usage of 500 gallons is required. Enrollment in the program is on a first-come, first-served basis. All pricing offers are good while fuel supplies last.

The customer must enroll in Bridgewater Fuel scheduled delivery program and use the company as his/her sole fuel provider during the contract period, 07/01/2024–06/30/2025.

Enrollment in the Cap Budget Pricing Program is based on a first-come basis. Once you are enrolled, you are guaranteed the capped rate up to the contracted number of gallons. All pricing offers are good while fuel supplies last.

For the Cap Budget Pricing Program, the customer’s fuel price will not exceed the contracted price per gallon during the contract period of 07/01/2024–06/30/2025. If the prevailing market price falls below the capped price, the customer will be charged the lower price. Deliveries before or after the contract period will be charged at the prevailing daily market price. Bridgewater Fuel will not pay interest on any outstanding credit balance.

The cost for price protection insurance is based on the maximum number of gallons purchased. Under the Cap Budget Pricing Program, the cost will be incorporated into the monthly payments. Insurance costs are non-refundable.

The customer determines the amount of gallons he/she would like to purchase for the upcoming heating season based on the past annual fuel consumption figures provided. The customer is committed to the number of gallons purchased for the contract period. If the customer’s fuel consumption is greater than the number of gallons purchased during the contract period, he/she will be billed at the prevailing daily market price for the overage. Any credit balance remaining on the account at the end of the contract period will be left on the account toward future purchases.

At the end of this contract, we reserve the right, if more than 25% of the estimated gallons remain unused, to assess a liquidation damage charge. The charge will be the difference between the contract oil price and the cash price as of the final date of the contract.

Customers with past-due balances are not eligible for the program until balance is paid in full. The total cost for fuel purchased and insurance costs will be divided into 12 equal budget payments due in full on the 15th of each month from July 2024–June 2025. Current credit terms for the customer account are in effect. If payment is not received on/before the due date, Bridgewater Fuel may charge the customer the prevailing daily market price per gallon for that delivery. Bridgewater Fuel holds the right to terminate this agreement if the customer account is delinquent at any time during the program period. All charges for services billed on fuel accounts must be paid in full along with the budget amount due (budget amount may be changed with a previous notification by Bridgewater Fuel based on increased consumption due to weather conditions).

In the event of property sale, the customer must present proof of transfer to receive any refund due. This agreement is non-transferable to the new property owner without the approval of Bridgewater Fuel.

No other discounts apply to this program.

Bridgewater Fuel shall not be liable for increases in price nor for delay or failure to perform any obligations under this agreement due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to, wars, armed conflict, acts of terrorism, acts of God (e.g., storms, floods, lightning, or earthquakes), natural disasters, accidents, fires, explosions, labor disputes, transportation breakdowns, civil unrest, and governmental restrictions (e.g., embargoes, allocations, priorities, or price controls). The seller’s ability to provide petroleum products is dependent on their continued availability from the seller’s usual and anticipated supply sources. In the event such products are not readily available in sufficient quantities to meet the seller’s total commitments, the seller holds the right to allocate in a fair and reasonable manner and to charge prevailing market rates determined by the seller for any additional fuel the customer requires. No such occurrence shall relieve the buyer of the obligation to pay in full for product actually delivered. Bridgewater Fuel shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages or losses resulting from customer non-performance of this agreement.

Early Termination Fee of $499.00 for Any Breach of Contract. Bridgewater Fuel has committed to fuel contracts on your behalf and will be obligated to fulfill them.