Why You Should Book Heating System Burner Cleaning This Fall

Summer is finally over, and now we await the arrival of the fall chill to the South Shore, which means the time will come to power up your heating system. From October until early spring, you depend on your heating system to keep your home warm and comfortable. Now’s the time to make sure you complete all the proper technical maintenance and cleaning to ensure a smooth heating season. Nothing is worse than an avoidable mid-season breakdown or malfunction—so trust the experts at Bridgewater Fuel to help you keep your home comfortable.

The Importance of Oil Burner Maintenance

We know your fall to-do list is already huge, but you must include this maintenance task. Having an expert clean your heating system’s burners is an important to-do that you shouldn’t overlooked. Oil burners may not be at the top of your mind when the seasons change, which means they probably go through long periods of accumulating soot, debris, and gunk. That’s why, this season and every year, you should book service to clean and inspect your burners and lines thoroughly. Benefits of burner cleaning every year include:

  • Improved warm air flow
  • Efficient heating oil use
  • Ensured operational safety
  • Lower system operation cost

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Keeping your burners clean will improve your heating system’s efficiency—meaning you’ll get the most BTUs out of it, saving you on fuel costs. If your burners have soot buildup, your heating system likely struggles to keep your home warm. This means that it doesn’t burn oil as well as it should, lowering its efficiency and constricting the flow of warmth into your home.

Keeping burners in tip-top shape requires some maintenance. The skilled technicians at Bridgewater Fuel are highly experienced in burner cleaning and can finish the job safely and efficiently. If you’re asking whether you can clean your burners yourself, we strongly advise against DIY jobs. A trained professional with background knowledge of how your furnace or boiler operates will perform the job safely and correctly, saving you the headache of trying to do the work yourself.

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Get in Touch with Bridgewater Fuel

Keeping your heating system’s burners clean is crucial for its efficiency. You should have your burners cleaned before starting up your heating system, so remember to book an appointment with Bridgewater Fuel before temperatures sink too low. For reliable and affordable HVAC service, trust Bridgewater Fuel.