Automatic and Will-Call Heating Oil Delivery in MA

Winters in Massachusetts are frigid, and residents need a reliable way to acquire a good source of home heating fuel. Have you tried out our convenient and affordable heating oil delivery yet? We provide customizable heating oil delivery options to our Massachusetts customers, including will-call, scheduled, and automatic fuel oil deliveries.

Ordering is simple—just get in touch with our team and we’ll put you on the schedule. Interested in scheduling a delivery or signing up for automatic fills? Give us a call at (508) 588-5255. Our customer service team will be more than happy to help you add convenience and predictability to your fuel oil consumption.

Bioheat®: Heating Oil of the Future

Have you heard about Bioheat fuel oil? Bioheat is a heating fuel produced from a mix of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and renewable resources like soybean oil and used cooking oil. The fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and can even lessen buildup in the operation of your heating system by efficiently combining ultra-low sulfur (ULS) heating oil with biodiesel. There are a variety of positive effects that come with the transition to Bioheat fuel oil. Here are just a few:


The energy balance of Bioheat is more than five and a half to one, meaning that it produces over five and a half units of energy for everyone needed to create it. This is the highest energy balance of any commercially available fuel in America.


Bioheat produces about 80% less carbon than petroleum fuel oil in the United States. This makes it the most carbon-clean liquid fuel available in the country, and due to the fact that a significant percentage of Bioheat is made with the by-products of corn and soybean processing, it’s extremely renewable. 


Along with being renewable, Bioheat sustains farms and plant growth, supporting the local economy and agriculture. It also decreases the cost of meat and other protein produced on these farms, because more money is saved by selling the natural by-products of other materials.

Our Fuel Oil Deliveries Contain Biodiesel

Did you know that with each automatic, will-call, or scheduled oil delivery from our team at Bridgewater Fuel, you’re getting anywhere from 3 to 5% biodiesel combined with your fuel oil? We’re committed to a greener future, and that starts with our premium Bioheat blend of home heating oil and renewable resources.

Contact Bridgewater Fuel online or at (508) 588-5255 to order heating oil today!