Top 3 Tips to Manage Your Thermostat & Save Energy In MA

Winters in Massachusetts get colder than cold, and the season is just starting. We know that these sub-freezing temperatures can cause a spike in energy bills throughout the heating season. A key ingredient to keeping energy bills low throughout the winter is managing your thermostat properly. Below, find the three top tips to managing your thermostat and saving energy this year.

1. Install a programmable thermostat

These devices keep your home’s temperature regulated so that all you have to do is set it and forget it. Adjust your programmable thermostat to decrease a few degrees for at least eight hours a day while you’re sleeping or away from home. Doing this will allow you to save on fuel, which will lower your energy bills all around throughout the season.

2. Hang thermal curtains throughout your home

The lower you can keep your thermostat, the less energy you’ll need to burn to keep your home warm and cozy. Take advantage of window décor by hanging curtains designed to keep the chill out of the rooms of your home. These curtains, made with extra layers of fabric, will help keep your rooms warmer, so you can keep your thermostat lower.

3. Get an annual tune-up on your heating system

If you find yourself having to crank the heat up higher than normal because your home’s not warming up, your heating system is the culprit. Have a certified HVAC technician from Bridgewater perform an annual tune-up on your heating system to increase its efficiency.

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