3 Winter Safety Suggestions for South Shore MA Residents

Winter on the South Shore of Massachusetts is no joke. From heavy snowstorms to freezing rain and strong winds, homeowners see it all. Fortunately, there are three simple tricks you can employ during the winter months to prevent dangerous situations caused by cold weather. Use these industry-approved practices to stay safe this heating season, no matter what the forecast has in store.

If you are a Bridgewater Fuel Company oil customer, you’ve already taken the first step toward winter safety; heating oil is a nonexplosive fuel option that’s safe enough to store right in your home. Here are some other simple safety measures you can take to protect your home and family this season.

Keep Your Oil Storage Tank Full

A no-heat scenario due to lack of fuel will not only leave your family cold but also promotes a safety hazard. You can either place fuel orders regularly or sign up for our no-cost automatic oil delivery service. Bridgewater Fuel will track your usage and make deliveries before tank levels get low.

Clear Delivery Pathways

Regularly shoveling walkways and plowing your driveway is an important part of winter maintenance. Help keep our drivers safe by keeping your driveway and necessary access paths clear of snow and ice. This will also help your fuel oil deliveries to be made with more speed and efficiency.

Get a Winter Watchman Thermostat

If you haven’t heard of the Honeywell Winter Watchman thermostat, you’re in for a treat. This thermostat is the perfect accessory for seasonal homeowners who monitor a vacant property during the winter. When the temperature drops below a certain level, a light in your home will turn on. This makes it ultra-simple to know when your home’s heating system needs attention—and it’s much more discreet than a thermometer in the window. Simply drive by occasionally or ask a neighbor to give you a ring if they notice a light on; it’s that easy!

Have a warm and happy holiday season! Contact the experts at Bridgewater Fuel Company to learn more about home comfort and safety, request a Winter Watchman thermostat, or schedule your next South Shore oil delivery.